This article was published on: 01/10/23 2:02 PM

All Colours Of The Rainbow.

So as I am sat here in the office writing today’s blog, looking out the window at the grey, cold and wet January weather, thinking I cannot wait for warmer days. However the moment you walk onto the occassion wear floor  you cannot help but feel happy and warm and be remembered of the summer. The Spring/Summer season has definitely arrived at Anne Furbank.

The moment you walk up the stairs you are surrounded by so many different colours, from your pastel pinks and lemons to your bright pinks and greens. So many different shades of blue it reminds you of the ocean, all these different colours can just lift your mood and help your mindset.

Lets look at some of the main colours and the meaning behind those colours and why some designers might pick them. Pink as a colour can resemble love and femininity. If you wear blue it shows you are a calming person and loyal. Silver is a balance between black and white and can show sophistication and wealth. Green can mean sincere and genuine.  Yellow can mean joy and happiness. I definitely have have my favourite colours to wear that help me look and feel my best and we cannot wait to hear what your favourite colours are and help you find that perfect outfit.