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What Do You Look For When Buying Occasion Wear?

What Do You Look For When Buying Occasion Wear? Becky – Quality of fabric and workmanship, fit (so important), colour, design and then the practical elements of wearability, sleeve length, skirt length, how complicated is it to get in. Lots of different elements really but there does have to be the wow factor – it is a special occasion after all.

Buying Occasion Wear.

Recently I did a little Q&A with Becky about occasion wear so for the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing some of the things we discussed. This week it is all about how Becky buys our occasion wear. I asked Becky if she had a favourite brand to buy from? Becky – A number if the occasion brands have beautiful showrooms in wonderful historic buildings in London which definitely sets the scene for what they are selling but … Continue reading “Buying Occasion Wear.”

Floral Print 4.

A lot of the floral prints come in different colours so when it comes to picking accessories you can really show off your personality. The feature image dress has oranges, reds, greens, yellows. Any of these colours would work for accessories, what colour you pick will probably will different to mine. That is what is so fun about fashion.

Floral Print 3.

Just because it is a print it doesn’t mean it has to be big and in your face. Some floral prints can be really subtle like this beautiful Condici dress.

Floral Print 2.

2. One of the things I love about flowers are all the different colours you can get. So no matter what  your complexion is or hair colour is there will be a dress to compliment you.

Floral Print 1.

This season print is a big trend especially floral so over the next few weeks I am going to be talking you through some of the positives to wearing floral. No matter the style of dress you suit there will be a floral one out there for you. It isn’t only the long floaty dresses to be in a floral print, we also have the shift dresses so there will be something to suit you.

Comfort Zone.

When you walk up to the Occasion Wear floor and you see all the beautiful dresses it can be quite overwhelming. Especially as many of us live in jeans and trainers. But that is why we are here, we are here to help you every step of the way and trust me once you have tried that first one on it gets easier. If we wore Occasion Wear every day it wouldn’t be special and would become the norm. A … Continue reading “Comfort Zone.”

Don’t Hesitate

We are being asked when will we be getting our Spring/Summer stock? The answer is NOW!!!! Our Spring/Summer stock starts to arrive December/January with the majority of it in by the middle of February. So if you have an event coming up do not delay. Book an appointment and come in and see us.

To All The Mothers.

With Mother’s Day just round the corner it only seemed right to do a blog for all the Mothers. Whether you are a Mum, Step Mum, Grandma, Nan, Granny, Great Grandma, Godmum you are all so special. At special occasions we also remember the Mums who cannot be there. Being a mum is one of the most wonderful gifts in the world and I can say that because I am one. But it can also be one of the hardest … Continue reading “To All The Mothers.”

Brides In Colour.

Following on from last weeks blog on weddings being less traditional and more to the couples tastes another trend we are hearing a lot is that the bride is not wearing white. Jessica Biel is a famous example of this when she married Justin Timberlake. Her wedding dress was pink. As Mother’s of the Bride and Groom’s we have always advised on staying away from a white and ivory dresses (unless the theme is white and black for example.) But … Continue reading “Brides In Colour.”


When I have been doing research for the blog one thing that keeps re occurring is that weddings are becoming less traditional. A lot of couples are not wanting to get married in a church is one example of how weddings are changing. Couples are now able to make weddings more personal and to the couples tastes. For example if you have a couple who love the heat and traveling they could choose to get married abroad. Therefore this has … Continue reading “Tradition.”


Did you know navy is the most popular colour for Mothers of the Brides and Grooms when picking their outfit. But why? One reason could be because it is a very slimming colour. Another reason could be because the colour blue is associated with feeling calm and relaxed. Navy is also a versatile colour that can be paired with many other colours.  

Fely Campo

Fely Campo is a Spanish brand owned and founded by its designer Fely. Specialising in occasion wear, mother of the bride, as well as Bridal, its base is in the picturesque town of Salamanca in the middle of Spain. You definitely can tell when you are wearing a Fely Campo dress, they truly are very special and unique. Our very own Sonia got married in a Fely Campo dress.  

Teresa Ripoll.

We have stocked Teresa Ripoll previously but this is the first year I am really getting a chance to work with it. In 1970 the Ripoll sisters decided to create their own company after working with Jean Patou and Pierre Cardin. In 1999 the introduction of the Teresa Ripoll Brand started. With a Teresa Ripoll dress you get beautiful fabrics and lovely designs.

Couture Club.

This brand is new to us at Anne Furbank. It is part of the Spanish group Rosa Clara. Her first collection launched in 1995 and this was a wedding collection. In 2007 she launched her cocktail collection and Couture Club followed. She has collaborated with some very famous designers such as Christian Lacroix and Karl Lagerfield. In 2020 her son joined the company and when he got married last year Rosa dressed the whole bridal party including the bride who … Continue reading “Couture Club.”

Linea Raffaelli.

As the new season arrives in store so does a designer that we haven’t stocked for a few years and that is Linea Raffaelli. Linea Raffaelli is a family business that was founded in 1952. They have different collections but say they design dresses for memorable moments. Whether you are looking for a dress and jacket, or just a dress this brand has got you covered with something for everyone. So why not come in and have a look.  


Happy New Year! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year! Now this time of year on the wedding/occasion floor it is very exciting because all the new season styles arrive and they arrive thick and fast. But what fashion trends will we be seeing this year? Florals were big last year, will they be again? Long and floaty was another trend last year, is that still the case? So if you have a wedding in 2024 … Continue reading “2024.”


So this is the last blog of the year and what a year it has been. Congratulations to all the Mothers of the Brides and Grooms that we have helped this year find their perfect outfits. We have loved being part of your journey. And to all the Mothers of the Brides and Grooms who have a wedding next year. We cannot wait to see you in store trying on all the beautiful collections.

December Weddings.

Christmas/December weddings are becoming more and more popular which is lovely to see. This could be because of the beautifully decorated Christmas trees, twinkly lights and baubles. It really can be a beautiful setting for a wedding, so when it comes to your outfit why not let Christmas inspire you. When you think of Christmas I think of the colours, red, green and gold. When it comes to fabrics think of sequins or velvet. Everybody loves getting dressed up for … Continue reading “December Weddings.”


Well there you have it, 4 completely different journeys when searching for the perfect Mother of the Groom or Bride outfit. So when you are trying to find yours enjoy it and know we are here for you every step of the way.

Jacqui – Mother of the Groom

Lastly it is Jacqui’s turn, she was Mother of the Groom in November 2021 at Swynford Manor. Jacqui said “Finding my outfit wasn’t as easy as I expected but the whole experience was lovely and made me feel quite special.” Jacqui narrowed her search down to 3 outfits and her son and future daughter in law helped her choose one – a beautiful Olvi dress. However, although Jacqui loved the dress she wasn’t 100% sure about it for her son’s … Continue reading “Jacqui – Mother of the Groom”

Debbie – Mother Of The Bride

Debbie was Mother of the Bride in September 2017 at the Manor House. When it came to choosing an outfit Debbie knew exactly what designer she wanted. “I had always wanted an outfit by the former designer Ian Stuart. His styles and fabrics were always beautiful, very stylish and fitted my shape perfectly.” I asked Debbie if finding her Mother of the Bride outfit was an enjoyable experience, she replied “My husband and I went to the London show room … Continue reading “Debbie – Mother Of The Bride”

Sonia – Mother Of The Groom

This week it is Sonia’s turn. Sonia was Mother of the Groom in September 2019 and the wedding was in Ireland at a catholic church and then back to a hotel. For Sonia working at Anne Furbank on the occasion wear floor she knew exactly what she wanted when it came to her son’s wedding.  Sonia went on to explain the only thing she needed to know was colours. Sonia was very mindful of the Mother Of The Bride and … Continue reading “Sonia – Mother Of The Groom”

Gill – Mother Of The Bride.

First of all I am going to be telling you about Gill’s experience. Gill was Mother of the Bride in September 2016. The Venue was The George in Buckden. I asked Gill if finding her out was an enjoyable experience, her reply was “A wonderful happy experience once I realized just what it all meant to me. Factoring the venue and my personality was important” I then went on to ask if she knew what style of outfit she wanted? … Continue reading “Gill – Mother Of The Bride.”

Mother Of The Bride And Groom Interviews.

Over the next few weeks I am going to do something slightly different. Here at Anne Furbank we are very lucky because we have members of staff who have been Mother’s Of The Bride or Groom. Therefore they have first hand experience of what it is like and each of them had a very different journey when it came to finding their outfits. I asked my colleagues questions like – Was finding your outfit an enjoyable experience? Did you end … Continue reading “Mother Of The Bride And Groom Interviews.”

Claudia C

Claudia C is from the same fashion house as Luis Civit. Claudia C’s collections are known for being more understated, blending classic and contemporary styling for any occasion.

Luis Civit

For the next 2 weeks I want to talk to about a couple of brands that we get in for occasion wear during the autumn and winter season. The first one is Luis Civit. Luis Civit is known for their classic shapes and beautiful fabrics. Their outfits offer fabulous tailoring and the perfect fit.

Knobbly Knees!

Knobbly Knees, this one can be hidden under a longer length skirt, so stay away from anything above the knee. Another way to distract from your knee’s is to have a patterned top, to draw the attention away from the lower part of your body and for the eye to be drawn to the top half. As you can see from our feature image the dress finishes below the knee so they wont be seen and with that beautiful glittery … Continue reading “Knobbly Knees!”

Bingo Wings.

No I’m not doing my KFC order, I am talking about the muscle on our arms that can lose their elasticity as we get older. So how can we hide these? Well the obvious answer is a sleeve but the majority of weddings happen in the summer and not everyone wants to wear sleeves then. So if I was going to go for a sleeve make sure it is sheer and floaty so it keeps you nice and cool. Or … Continue reading “Bingo Wings.”

Inverted Triangle

Inverted Triangle, basically having a big chest (didn’t feel that was appropriate for a title) So there is a saying if you have them flaunt them but maybe not the best thing to do at your son or daughters wedding. So I would look for a wrap dress, something that has a v neck line to a point on your waist which is your narrowest bit and then maybe a bit of detail on the skirt. This will give you … Continue reading “Inverted Triangle”

Body Hang Ups!

We all have them, body hang ups, whether it is your mum tum, bingo wings or knobbly knee’s. The question is do you know how to disguise them? And instead flaunt some of your best features instead? Over the next few weeks I am going to be giving you some tips on how to hide those not so great bits to give you that confidence to love your body and what you are wearing on that special day. So this … Continue reading “Body Hang Ups!”

Send Us A Photo!

We love what we do here at Anne Furbank and we absolutely love seeing photos of you on the big day in your outfit. So please, please, please after your event send us an email with a few photos of you on the special day. Our email address is Thank you.

I Want To Do Something Completely Different.

We get a lot of customers come and see us more than once. Which we love, the fact that your son got married 5 years ago and now you are back because your daughter is now getting married and you loved your first outfit so much. In these cases we hear a lot that you want to wear something different. Which we get. Fashions change, our bodies change and each wedding is different but the main thing to remember is … Continue reading “I Want To Do Something Completely Different.”

Copying Or Complimenting

Another thing we hear a lot on the wedding floor is the other Mum is in these colours so I can’t wear them. As much as it is nice to be completely different you also want your outfits to compliment and work together. Looking back at photos nobody wants to see a Mother of the Bride and Groom clashing. For example if the Mother of the Bride has a bright pink and navy dress it doesn’t mean you cannot use … Continue reading “Copying Or Complimenting”

It’s Ok Not To Know.

Everyone’s experience when looking for Mother of the Bride or Groom outfit is different, some people walk in with an idea in their heads and walk out with that exact thing. Others are completely open minded and will try anything. One thing we try to do when we can is give you a breather to think. I had a Mother of the Bride come in and she ended up falling in love with 2 different dresses and she couldn’t pick. … Continue reading “It’s Ok Not To Know.”


When it comes to a Mother of the Bride or Groom outfit the right fabric has a lot to do with the desired look. Fabrics are not as structured as before, there is a lot more chiffon around to give that popular and desired floaty look. So when you come to try different outfits on make sure you try a range of fabrics so you know how they fit and feel on you.


If a bold colour isn’t for you why not try a pattern. It doesn’t have to be a big or bold pattern like our feature image but a pattern can just break up a dress. I love a patterned dress with different colours because when it comes to accessorizing you can have so much fun. So for example if your dress has a flower pattern and the flowers are a mixture of blues, greens, turquoise, navy etc you can pick … Continue reading “Patterns”

Be Bold!

Long gone are the days when the Mother of the Bride or Groom would only wear a dress and jacket in a pastel colour. When it comes to a wedding in 2023 anything goes. This season we have seen some beautiful bold colours, from pinks, greens and blues etc and they are here to stay. So don’t be afraid to have a play when it comes to colour. Remember you are an important role and your outfit should show that.


So when it comes to anything I need to do I am always doing a checklist, I can make a list of things I need to do or things I cant forget and once they are done I can tick them off. So why not do it for a wedding? Your son or daughter has just got engaged, emotions are everywhere and there is so much to process. Why not go out and buy yourself a notebook so you can … Continue reading “Checklist”


One thing I am sure all of us here at Anne Furbank think is how important the right underwear is. If your boobs are not in the right place the dress is not going to fit properly. And lets be honest we all have a pair of Bridget Jones’s big knickers in our draw that we bring out for special occasions. We are very lucky here at Anne Furbank because we have Elouise, a wonderful lingerie shop just over the … Continue reading “Underwear.”

All Things Floral

It really does feel like summer has arrived and one of the biggest summer trends this year has been florals. Whether it is casual wear or occasion wear you will defiantly see lots of flower prints and patterns. Now I personally love a multicoloured flower print such as our feature image because when it comes to hats and accessories you can pick any colour and it will go. For example you could pick out the orange, yellow, gold, burgundy, lilac … Continue reading “All Things Floral”


Lastly Jane, formally known as Goat, this is a truly British brand. Founder and Creative Director Jane Lewis wanted to create a brand for real women. She is a mum of 3, running a business always multitasking so she wanted a wardrobe to reflect that. You may be busy but you still want to look and feel your best yet still be practical. Her clothes really are timeless investment pieces. Jane does have some celebrity clients, the most recent was … Continue reading “Jane”


Veromia is another U.K based company. These are gorgeous dresses designed to take you to any occassion, from garden party to wedding, from christening to holiday there is something for everyone and at a good price point too.

Olvi Lace

Olvi is a brand not like any other, you know when you have seen or are in one, they are very distinctive. Olvi is an international luxury women’s fashion and bridal brand who specialize in unique clothes made with lace. Their dresses are handmade and beautifully crafted. You can even have your dresses made so you know no one else will be in the same outfit as you. You can choose the style of dress, colour of the lace etc. … Continue reading “Olvi Lace”


Condici is U.K based and has many years of experience. They are known for their timeless and elegant occasion wear. This mainly consists of a dress with a matching jacket or coat and then a coordinating hat. As you can see from our feature image everything matches perfectly. So the cuff of the jacket matches the fabric and pattern of the dress and even the feathers on the hat will be the prefect shade of pink to go with the pink … Continue reading “Condici”

Veni Infantino

For the next few weeks I am going to be going into a little bit more detail about each brand that we stock. The first one being Veni Infantino. Veni was born in the U.K but has Sicilian heritage. At the start she worked for different fashion houses were she was able to gain first hand experiences and understanding of what it took to run a fashion business. She then started her on label Veni Infantino. Veni Infantino is well … Continue reading “Veni Infantino”

Breaking In Your Shoes.

If my shoes aren’t comfy I am miserable! That’s why it is so important to buy the right shoes and to break them in. I was at a party Saturday night with some very uncomfy shoes on and every time I took a step I went ouch, ouch, ouch, that is not something you would photographed. So here are some top tips to breaking in your shoes – Wear them around the house Wear them for little periods of time … Continue reading “Breaking In Your Shoes.”

We Are Anti-Static.

What is static and why do we get it in our clothes? Static is caused when the fibers rub together. Basically the fibers stick to each other and when you have a beautiful flowing dress that is not the look you want to go for. So how do you remove static from your dress? You can actually buy anti-static spray to spray under your outfit. (some people also use hairspray) Rub the inside of your dress with your tights before … Continue reading “We Are Anti-Static.”

The Polished Look

Today we are going to be discussing nails and what to go for. If in doubt go nude, luckily this year nude nails are trending. According to Cosmopolitan magazine the top nail trend is iridescent chrome nails, basically a shiny nude nail that shimmers in the light giving  a different colour to the nail varnish. Number 4 was a sheer blush and number 5 was a strawberry glazed effect. One of the good thing about nude nails if they get … Continue reading “The Polished Look”

Don’t Forget To Accessorize.

So you have found the dress, now is the time to accessorize. When you purchase your dress you might buy the hat to match, even a pair of shoes and bag, is that it then? Done………Nope, what about jewelry. If you come in to see us to find your outfit you might notice towards the end of the appointment, when you think you have found your dress and we have teamed you with the hat and shoes etc we will … Continue reading “Don’t Forget To Accessorize.”


When planning a wedding or anything really a moodboard is always a good tool that people use. A moodbaord is a way of combining images, material and pieces of texts to give your wedding a clear style. For example you are planning a Christmas wedding, so on your mood board you might have Christmas trees, the colours red and green, fur wraps, Christmas dinner and Christmas Pudding, holly and mistletoe. This can show anyone the sort of concept you want … Continue reading “Moodboard.”


D.Exterior has arrived and WOW it is beautiful and perfect for a wedding abroad. D.Exterior is an Italian brand and mainly focuses on knitwear but not the knitwear you would think. The fabric is beautifully light and floaty. This season we are seeing a lot of gold and pink tones with a little bit of added sparkle. The lovely thing about these dresses you will wear them again and again. Many members of staff have a D.Exterior outfit and absolutely … Continue reading “D.Exterior”


Hats were very much part of the traditional mother of the bride or groom outfit however that it not necessarily the case now. I got married recently and neither my Mum or Mother in Law wore a hat or fascinator. There are so many different options now when it comes to head pieces. Hats, fascinators, headbands etc, there is something for everyone. Regarding hat sizes the rule tends to be that the rim of your hat is no bigger than … Continue reading “Hats.”

Tears Of Joy.

On the big day one of the last things you want to be worrying about is your mascara running? Nobody wants panda eyes for the photos and that’s why it is so important to use the correct make up. Waterproof mascara is a must and that is because it contains dimethicone copolyol whic is a type of silicon that doesn’t react with water. Therefore staying where you want it to even if you shed a tear. The only thing is … Continue reading “Tears Of Joy.”

Making Your Make Up Last.

We all want our make up to look as good as it does when its first been applied, but realistically does it still look the same at the end of the day? I have a few tips to help your make up last the day. The first one is to know your skin, make sure you are using the right products. For example if you have dry skin make sure you use a rich moisturiser. If you have oily skin … Continue reading “Making Your Make Up Last.”

Keep Hydrated.

We try to advise our customers on outfits, for example the right colour, shape, style for you but we also try to give tips to help you throughout the day. One really important tip is to keep hydrated. Do not forget to drink water throughout the day, we all know how important it is to stay hydrated so we need to make sure we make the time to have a drink. If you become dehydrated you might start to feel … Continue reading “Keep Hydrated.”


Another theme is having your bridesmaids all in a different shade of one colour or all in different colours. This again can open up colours for your outfit that you wouldn’t have thought of. When choosing your outfit and what colour you want to go for you want to make sure it compliments the brides colours. If the Bride has chosen pastel colours you might not want to go in with a bright and bold colour because in the photos … Continue reading “Colour!!!”

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! The day to celebrate love! Valentines Day is a popular day to get married or even engaged so to anyone reading this that is getting married on Valentines Day or has just got engaged congratulations from us here at Anne Furbank! When you think of Valentines Day as a theme for a wedding I think of the colours pink or red. This season we have had some beautiful pale pink dresses in, like the John Charles dress … Continue reading “Happy Valentines Day!”

Enjoying The Whole Day.

Still on the theme of trends this week, another trend we are seeing in 2023 is that ceremony times are getting earlier. Instead of getting married at 2pm/3pm couples are choosing to get married around 12pm so they can have more time celebrating with family and friends. It is also becoming more common to have events the day before or the day after. Therefore when finding your outfit it needs to be comfortable, you are going to be it in … Continue reading “Enjoying The Whole Day.”

Packing Your Outfit For A Wedding Abroad

This week I have been researching Wedding Trends for 2023 and one trend that is meant to be big for 2023 is getting married abroad. So you find your gorgeous outfit, now how are you going to get it there safely? In todays blog we are going to give you some top tips on packing your outift. Iron or steam your outfit the night before, this allows the fibers in the fabric to cool and stay in the desired shape. … Continue reading “Packing Your Outfit For A Wedding Abroad”

We All Come In Different Shapes And Sizes.

This week on our social media we are discussing body shapes. We outlined 5, hourglass, pear, inverted triangle, apple and rectangle. Todays post I will go into a little bit of detail about each. Sometimes it is easier to see things written down so you can refer to them instead of a video. An hourglass is meant to be the most wanted body shape. It is when your shoulders and chest are the same size as your hips but you … Continue reading “We All Come In Different Shapes And Sizes.”

I Am Going To Lose Weight!

Now Christmas and New year are over and we have all eaten our weight in food a lot of people are going to want to lose some weight, but when it comes to choosing your Mother of the Groom or Mother of the Bride outfit it is best to do it when you are at the weight you want to be. One reason we say this is because you can come and see us and find a dress you love, … Continue reading “I Am Going To Lose Weight!”

All Colours Of The Rainbow.

So as I am sat here in the office writing today’s blog, looking out the window at the grey, cold and wet January weather, thinking I cannot wait for warmer days. However the moment you walk onto the occassion wear floor  you cannot help but feel happy and warm and be remembered of the summer. The Spring/Summer season has definitely arrived at Anne Furbank. The moment you walk up the stairs you are surrounded by so many different colours, from … Continue reading “All Colours Of The Rainbow.”

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to our Mother of the Bride Blog. We hope you have had a lovely Christmas and New Year and are ready for 2023. So new year, new season, bring it on. We cannot wait to start seeing you all instore looking for that perfect outfit. The new season outfits have been arriving thick and fast, from Veni Infantino, Conidici, Jane and many many more. There are lots of floaty materials, long maxi lengths which give a wonderful feminine … Continue reading “Happy New Year!”

2022 Wedding’s

Now this year there have been some very famous weddings. From Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz  who married in a very lavish wedding in April. To Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Vegas after getting back together . And Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker in Italy. But one wedding that stood out for us was Coleen Nolan’s son. As you can see from our feature image doesn’t she look amazing. This sapphire colour is very on trend, beautiful and bold … Continue reading “2022 Wedding’s”

December Anniversaries

For the next couple of blogs we are going to do some reminiscing on past weddings. This week it is celebrities who have gotten married in December. No it’s not in the height of wedding season but all the beautiful lights and Christmas trees you can see why some people choose to marry in December. Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley married on the 20th December. Amanda Holden and Chris Hughes on the 10th December, Alex Jones and Charlie Thomson on … Continue reading “December Anniversaries”

Keeping Warm At A Winter Wedding

Nobody likes being cold and now we are in December there are lots of Christmas and New Year Weddings coming up (mine included). So what can you wear to keep warm? I feel everyone should have a smart/best coat in their wardrobe, I know I do. Mine is a nice caramel colour so goes with a lot of other colours. All you have to do is look at the royals at Sandringham at Christmas and all the beautiful coats they … Continue reading “Keeping Warm At A Winter Wedding”

Should I Co-ordinate With The Wedding Theme?

When finding your outfit something you will need to consider is looking back at the photos, what do you want to see? You don’t want to stand out, or clash with the other mum’s outfit for example. When looking for your outfit I do think you have to be mindful of the wedding theme and colours. For example a winter wedding with the bride and bridesmaids in white maybe try looking at some of the jewel colours, ruby, emerald and … Continue reading “Should I Co-ordinate With The Wedding Theme?”

Should Mother Of The Bride Get Her Outfit First?

Traditionally, yes, the Mother of the Groom should wait until the Mother of the Bride has selected her outfit. However as I have said in many posts, what was done traditionally isn’t so much the case now. When Mother of the Brides and Mother of the Grooms come to see us they normally know what the other Mother is wearing, or at least a colour? Or they will come with the bride, or even facetime family members to see if … Continue reading “Should Mother Of The Bride Get Her Outfit First?”

What Should I Bring To An Appointment?

Once you have booked an appointment with us you might be wondering what do I need to do or bring? Each appointment is different so it will vary depending on individuals, some Mother of the Brides and Mother of the Grooms prefer to come in on their own, try lots of different styles on and narrow it down to a few dresses before bringing the bride or any family or friends. Others come in with the Bride, or a group … Continue reading “What Should I Bring To An Appointment?”

When Should I Start Shopping For My Outfit?

So doing research for your outfit and actually shopping to buy your outfit are two different things. As soon as you find out there is going to be a wedding come in and see us, have a look around, try some different designers, colours and styles on. It might be you’ve come in when we have our autumn stock on the shop floor but your wedding isn’t until the following summer but we can then advise you when we will … Continue reading “When Should I Start Shopping For My Outfit?”

“I Don’t Want To Look Like A Typical Mother Of The Bride Or Mother Of The Groom”

Last week I spoke about quotes and sayings we hear a lot upstairs on the occasion wear floor. This week I am going to talk to you about another popular one. “I Don’t Want To Look Like A Typical Mother Of The Bride Or Mother Of The Groom” But what does a typical Mother of the Bride or Groom look like? There are many answers to that question because we all have our own styles and nowadays the designers are … Continue reading ““I Don’t Want To Look Like A Typical Mother Of The Bride Or Mother Of The Groom””

“It’s Not A Formal Wedding”

The saying “it’s not a formal wedding” is one of the most common phrases we hear upstairs, or that our occasion wear is too formal but here at Anne Furbank we try to cater for all styles of weddings. Weddings have changed a lot, as we discussed in our blog last week regarding tights. However what was traditionally done isn’t necessarily the case now. Therefore I would like to tell you about a couple of makes we have instore that … Continue reading ““It’s Not A Formal Wedding””

Tights – Yes Or No?

Keeping on the theme of Winter Weddings, another way you could keep warmer is by adding a pair of tights. However it is not a written rule that you have to wear tights to a wedding. Tights have changed so much and there are now so many different options available. Opaque, black, matt, shiny, different denier etc. It’s always worth doing your research to see what pair would be best for you. Some people say traditionally you should wear tights … Continue reading “Tights – Yes Or No?”

Winter Wedding Ideas

Over the weekend I was talking with a family member and they said to me that winter weddings are so much harder when looking for an outfit compared to summer weddings. I wondered to myself how many other people feel this way? So with this week’s post I thought why not give you some inspiration and different looks you could try. Last week we spoke about trousers, a jumpsuit or suit is a perfect option for a winter wedding. Or … Continue reading “Winter Wedding Ideas”

Can I Wear Trousers To A Wedding?

We are coming into Winter Wedding Season and one of the questions we get asked a lot is can I wear trousers? Do I have to wear a dress? So we always tell our customers if its ok with the Bride then yes wear trousers. Recently suits have come back into fashion, members of the royal family have been seen wearing them to events,  celebrities such as Cara Delevingne wore a suit to Princess Eugenie’s Wedding in 2018. Designers like … Continue reading “Can I Wear Trousers To A Wedding?”

Winter Weddings

Weddings are not just for summer. And there is no reason why you shouldn’t be as glamourous at a winter wedding as a summer one. Brands have come up with some genius ideas to make your outfit special but also make it wearable for other special occasions. Take this Veni Infantino faux fur trimmed dress. The faux fur muff not only keep your hands warm but adds a touch of vintage glamour. The genius bit, the faux fur cuffs and … Continue reading “Winter Weddings”

The Blog is Back

Since 2020 our Mother of the Bride blog has been a little dormant but we are back. It has been a challenging few years for those of you who planned to get married in 2020/21. We’ve heard so many stories of weddings that have been postponed not only once but two or three times. We’ve had babies born in between, we’ve had weddings changed from 150 guests to 6 guests and the tales go on. Like our blog we are … Continue reading “The Blog is Back”

Fascinating Fascinators

Hats or head pieces have been around for centuries starting as tribal markers, native Americans and Egyptians are very well documented to have worn decorative head pieces. In British culture they became a status symbol of wealth and stature in Tudor times. And then fashion took hold with the 1920s flappers completing their outfit with pearls, feathers and cloche hats. In the 1980s, London-based milliners Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy popularized fascinators and we can all remember the famous head pieces … Continue reading “Fascinating Fascinators”

Happy New Year

Saturday 20th June 2020 is set to be the most popular date for couples getting married this year. The summer solstice means couples can celebrate on the longest day of the year, making the most of the party. 2020 is also set to be one that sees a number of new trends. A return to Victorian style wedding dresses, high necks, cathedral length veils and cleaner simpler lines. Mini-moons and British honeymoons are back in trend with some sharing theirs … Continue reading “Happy New Year”

New for Spring 2020

Our spring has already sprung with occasion wear collections arriving in store. Condici, Fely Campo and new brand Ronald Joyce already on the shop floor. Ronald Joyce has been designing and making dresses for brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride since the 1950s. It is another prestigious British brand that has made it’s mark in occasionwear and we are delighted to have its spring 2020 collection in store. The designs are beautifully feminine with longer lines being a key … Continue reading “New for Spring 2020”

Last Minute Winter Wedding

Not everyone gets weeks to plan an outfit for a wedding. Sometimes our children like to spring a suprise on us. From engagement to wedding can be a matter of weeks. The beauty of occasion wear is that there is something available all year round – so don’t panic. During training this week we put together some great looks for events that are happening right now. Spanish label Fely Campo, Irish label Aideen Bodkin and Italian brand D’Exterior provided the … Continue reading “Last Minute Winter Wedding”

New Condici Has Arrived

Winter may be a quieter time of year for weddings but it is an exciting time of year for occasion wear as we see the start of the new season collections arrive. We’ve had a large selection of Condici arrive in store already with some great designs and colours. It is already receiving a great reception for those that have weddings in the run up to Christmas as well as the early part of 2020. If you do have a … Continue reading “New Condici Has Arrived”

Gravity Defying Hats

With the fashion for fascinators and hatinators still to the fore we are often asked how do we keep them securely on our head. There are a number of options that are available but two are our favourites, with one tip that will guarantee no movement. Many of our headpieces are secured with a headband, often a slim band that can easily be covered by any length or thickness of hair. They are also malleable so can be bent to … Continue reading “Gravity Defying Hats”

How to Stay Cool at a Wedding

Drink plenty, and we are not talking just champagne! Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water. Keeping yourself hydrated will keep you cool. If you have long hair, wear it up. However tempting it may be to stand in the sun, stay in the shade. Once you get hot it is harder to cool down. Make a fan part of your outfit. There are so many beautiful fans on the market you will get one to match your outfit. … Continue reading “How to Stay Cool at a Wedding”

Enduring Style of Goat

Established in 2001 by Jane Lewis who wanted to create a brand for a working woman but wanted the clothes to multitask. This is one of the great successes of Goat dresses, they can be worn day or evening and offer a style which will make you fee your best without fuss or ostentation. The wool crepe fabric hangs beautifully over the body and it is no wonder it has this discreet celebrity following with the likes of Victoria Beckham, … Continue reading “Enduring Style of Goat”

Come Rain or Shine

Even if you are planning a summer wedding always have a contingency for wet weather. You may have the idea of drinks and photographs outside but do think about where they would be if you had to inside. Maybe have a basket of umbrellas on hand at the church or venue and willing ushers to escort guests in case of a downpour. Manage your expectations well before the big day, embrace it and remember photographers actually prefer an overcast day … Continue reading “Come Rain or Shine”

Summer Florals

Irish label, Aideen Bodkin, with its heritage in all things feminine is basking in the glory of floral prints. The designs have always hinted towards a slight vintage look and with aline soft lines and pretty floral prints it really is a leading the way for feminine flair. Aideen works with small fabric mills to ensure that each piece she makes will be treasured for years to come. Whatever your special occasion whether it’s a wedding or race day the … Continue reading “Summer Florals”

Occasion Show

With three models, ten sets, there was plenty to see at the Occasion Fashion Shows. Brands including John Charles, Condici, Olvi Lace, Fely Campo, Paule Ka, Goat, Aideen Bodkin, Riani and Gina Bacconi all featured and topped with some fabulous hats. If you have a wedding in spring and early summer, now is the time to come and look for your outfit. The showrooms are full of wonderful colours and styles.  You really will be spoiled for choice.

Baby it’s cold outside

Christina Felix is a Portuguese coat brand that is classically smart but with a few added embellishments to make them just that extra special. Framed necklines, faux fur trims and removable broaches all add to the fabulous styling. If you are in a church they will keep you cosy warm and even if your event is in one place it will give you the stylish entrance you want. With prices starting from £199 they won’t break the bank. Other options … Continue reading “Baby it’s cold outside”

Wedding Day Prep

It is a unique opportunity to see the bride in her natural habitat, surrounded by her dearest friends and revelling in the joy of the occasion. Getting hair and make-up done, chatting about all sorts of nonsense is all part of the build up to the event itself. As mother of the bride just make sure everything is organised as you do not want to miss out because something last minute needs attending to. You can enjoy that extra special … Continue reading “Wedding Day Prep”

A colour for all

There are colours out there that are universally flattering no matter what your skin tone. If you get the right balance of warm and cool shades mixed together you are on a winner. So if you are struggling to know what colour to plump for you can play it safe with colour. That’s not to say go neutral, in fact look at the opposite and choose purple, blue, teal and red. Obviously you need to get the right tone within … Continue reading “A colour for all”

Keep Your Cool

We have been thoroughly spoilt this summer with weeks of glorious weather and no doubt a whole host of happy brides delighted as the weather has been beautiful for their wedding day. However with temperatures looking to break records this weekend here are our simple tips to help you and your guests keep cool and look fabulous. Have plenty of water and soft drinks available, Even if you have a water station with ice buckets full of small bottles of … Continue reading “Keep Your Cool”

Customer Spotlight

As we have mentioned before on this blog, we love receiving photographs from our customers in their occasion wear. It gives the girls on the shop floor a real sense of pride to see their customers looking fabulous. We have now installed a TV Screen on the first floor so we can show off such wonderful photographs. If you have recently sent one in, come in and try to spot yourself! If you haven’t already sent us a photograph, but … Continue reading “Customer Spotlight”

Trying Different Shapes

This season there have been lots of different shapes coming through in Mother of the Bride/Groom outfits. Fitted, fluted, peplum, A-line, you name it and it is somewhere on our wedding floor. Whilst a straight, fitted cut has often been favoured by many of the designers, A-line shaped dresses are becoming more and more popular among the collections. An A-line dress pinches in at the waist and flares out into a full skirt, giving a gorgeous feminine silhouette. This shape … Continue reading “Trying Different Shapes”

Touch of Sparkle

It can seem daunting looking for a Mother of the Bride/Groom outfit that tones with the colour scheme of the wedding. Metallic shades, such as silver and gold, are wonderfully versatile and look gorgeous next to almost any colour. They also complement lots of different complexions. These shades offer a neutral palette that will allow you to accessorize with a pop of bright colour, or alternatively you can simply add different shades from the same palette. When it comes to … Continue reading “Touch of Sparkle”

Can I wear a Dress without a Jacket?

With Spring/Summer weddings just around the corner the wedding floor is busy with lots of ladies looking to find the perfect outfit for their son’s/daughter’s special day. Being a Mother of the Bride/Groom is sometimes a little daunting when it comes to picking an outfit, but it shouldn’t have to be. We have a huge selection of occasion wear and a knowledgeable team of personal stylists who have years of experience in dressing women for weddings. They will be able … Continue reading “Can I wear a Dress without a Jacket?”

OLVI’S Lace Collections

We recently held our ‘Special Occasion Day’ in the shop – a thoroughly enjoyable day with lots of ladies trying on outfits for their Son’s/Daughter’s weddings, the races and other occasions. Complete with a fashion show and joined by Keith from OLVI’S it was a real hit. OLVI’S lace is a totally unique brand and their dresses are one of a kind. Each dress is individually handcrafted with quality and skill. The studio is said to be “like a candy shop … Continue reading “OLVI’S Lace Collections”

All about the neckline

The necklines on occasion wear outfits have always been a huge part of their styling. Be it sweetheart, off the shoulder or a high neckline, there is something for everyone. Spring summer 2018 sees off the shoulder (with lace infills) and boat necklines making a huge appearance. Along with our current favourite, the shawl collar… There is something special about a folded, shawl collar neckline. It can be exaggerated and sit high up on your neck, which frames the face and makes … Continue reading “All about the neckline”