This article was published on: 08/22/23 12:44 PM

Body Hang Ups!

We all have them, body hang ups, whether it is your mum tum, bingo wings or knobbly knee’s. The question is do you know how to disguise them? And instead flaunt some of your best features instead?

Over the next few weeks I am going to be giving you some tips on how to hide those not so great bits to give you that confidence to love your body and what you are wearing on that special day.

So this week I am going to talk about mum tums and for me this one hits home. I have had 3 children, one was rather large and one I had via c section so I do have a tummy.  So for me I stay away from anything too fitted. I love an empire line so it highlights my small waist but then a beautiful floaty skirt just hides that tummy.