This article was published on: 08/2/23 12:13 PM

Copying Or Complimenting

Another thing we hear a lot on the wedding floor is the other Mum is in these colours so I can’t wear them. As much as it is nice to be completely different you also want your outfits to compliment and work together. Looking back at photos nobody wants to see a Mother of the Bride and Groom clashing.

For example if the Mother of the Bride has a bright pink and navy dress it doesn’t mean you cannot use any blue’s or pinks in your outfit as Mother of the Groom. Maybe you see a pale pink and pale blue dress and jacket. Keeping to the same colour palette could look lovely. As in all in blues and pinks. Compared to a Mother of the Groom in red and orange which would clash in photos. But I agree you couldn’t go out and buy a bright pink and navy dress as that would definitely look like copying.

When you come for your appointment with us we will talk you through colour palettes and what does and doesn’t work, just to ease your mind so that everyone is happy with their outfit choices.