This article was published on: 04/11/23 11:19 AM

Don’t Forget To Accessorize.

So you have found the dress, now is the time to accessorize. When you purchase your dress you might buy the hat to match, even a pair of shoes and bag, is that it then? Done………Nope, what about jewelry.

If you come in to see us to find your outfit you might notice towards the end of the appointment, when you think you have found your dress and we have teamed you with the hat and shoes etc we will put a necklace on just to finish the look and that is what jewelry does, it gives you that polished finished look.

However you can over accessorize, for example if you buy a beautiful beaded and sequin dress with quite a high neckline I wouldn’t then go and put a big diamante necklace on, you don’t need it. Instead I would look for some diamante drop earrings and maybe even a bracelet to finish the look.

If your dress has long sleeves and a beautiful v neckline do not worry about bracelets, no one will see them, instead look for a lovely necklace to show off that neckline.

Also go off the colour of your outfit, if your dress is a gold colour I would team it with gold accessories. Never be afraid to ask us what jewelry you should team with your outfit, we are here to help you every step of the way.