This article was published on: 02/7/23 2:10 PM

Enjoying The Whole Day.

Still on the theme of trends this week, another trend we are seeing in 2023 is that ceremony times are getting earlier. Instead of getting married at 2pm/3pm couples are choosing to get married around 12pm so they can have more time celebrating with family and friends. It is also becoming more common to have events the day before or the day after.

Therefore when finding your outfit it needs to be comfortable, you are going to be it in it all day. Especially your shoes! We stock a few different brands of shoes all tried and tested to make sure they will be comfortable for you throughout the day.

When trying outfits on we ask you to do things to try to help you figure out if the dress is going to be comfy, it might be going for a walk around the shop, posing to take a photo or even having a sit down in your outfit.

Wearing the right underwear can also make a big difference in regards to how comfy you are on the day. We are here to try to help you every step of the way so when it comes to the big day all you have to do is out your outfit on and enjoy the day.