This article was published on: 10/31/23 9:17 AM

Gill – Mother Of The Bride.

First of all I am going to be telling you about Gill’s experience. Gill was Mother of the Bride in September 2016. The Venue was The George in Buckden.

I asked Gill if finding her out was an enjoyable experience, her reply was “A wonderful happy experience once I realized just what it all meant to me. Factoring the venue and my personality was important”

I then went on to ask if she knew what style of outfit she wanted? She said “I thought I did! But I realized I had never been a Mother Of The Bride before so I wanted advice from an expert.”

Gill ended up with an outfit that she didn’t expect. Gill spoke a lot about how important it was for her to feel good in her outfit.

Lastly I asked if Gill had any advice for for any Mother’s Of The Bride or Groom when shopping for their outfits?

“Advice is good, it comes from people who dress for all different shapes and sizes. Different venues and backgrounds. It is always up to you how much advice you take on board, experts take you ‘out of the box'”