This article was published on: 09/19/19 8:00 AM

Gravity Defying Hats

With the fashion for fascinators and hatinators still to the fore we are often asked how do we keep them securely on our head. There are a number of options that are available but two are our favourites, with one tip that will guarantee no movement.

Many of our headpieces are secured with a headband, often a slim band that can easily be covered by any length or thickness of hair. They are also malleable so can be bent to avoid any pinching.

Combs are also a great way to secure a fascinator and this can be doubled up with a band or some just have the comb. And before you say your hair is too fine, the comb won’t stick, this is the top tip that will secure your fascinator however thick your hair is.

Wig clips or hair extension clips. Clip one or two into your hair and then push the comb through them. You really won’t believe how secure your headpiece feels.

You can then relax and enjoy the occasion.