This article was published on: 08/8/23 3:07 PM

I Want To Do Something Completely Different.

We get a lot of customers come and see us more than once. Which we love, the fact that your son got married 5 years ago and now you are back because your daughter is now getting married and you loved your first outfit so much. In these cases we hear a lot that you want to wear something different. Which we get. Fashions change, our bodies change and each wedding is different but the main thing to remember is that it has to suit you.

Say you had a pencil dress and jacket last time and now you want something long and floaty. But does your body shape suit that? Or do you suit a pencil shape dress because it flaunts your figure? Should you keep with a pencil shape but maybe do a different colour and no jacket?

Or maybe you wore navy to your last wedding so now want to stay away from anything blue. But blue is a colour that suits your skin tone best? Does that mean you will rule out anything cobalt or baby blue or sapphire?

So when you are coming for the 2nd or 3rd time please try to come open minded and not rule anything out straight away. It is a journey and we are here to help.