This article was published on: 07/25/23 2:41 PM

It’s Ok Not To Know.

Everyone’s experience when looking for Mother of the Bride or Groom outfit is different, some people walk in with an idea in their heads and walk out with that exact thing. Others are completely open minded and will try anything.

One thing we try to do when we can is give you a breather to think. I had a Mother of the Bride come in and she ended up falling in love with 2 different dresses and she couldn’t pick. I told her to go and have a think and not to rush the decision, she went next door to the George for a coffee with her friend and thought through her decision. She knew I had both dresses behind the till and they weren’t going anywhere. She was able to speak to both her daughters and make the right decision.

The smile on her face when she returned was amazing because she knew she was making the right decision. So please do not ever feel like you cannot tell us what you are thinking or feeling. It is ok to say to us I just need to think and we will do all we can help you so you can choose the perfect outfit.