This article was published on: 02/28/23 2:00 PM

Keep Hydrated.

We try to advise our customers on outfits, for example the right colour, shape, style for you but we also try to give tips to help you throughout the day.

One really important tip is to keep hydrated. Do not forget to drink water throughout the day, we all know how important it is to stay hydrated so we need to make sure we make the time to have a drink. If you become dehydrated you might start to feel unwell and nobody wants that.

Normally after the ceremony drinks are offered, if you are planning a wedding why not add some jugs of water to your choices? Especially if it is a lovely hot summers day.

On the table jugs or bottles of water are normally provided. If not you can now buy lovely bottles and even get them personalised to keep some water in. Also if you are drinking water and spill it it is less likely to make a mess on your dress. Plus drinking water alongside alcohol can prevent a hang over (sometimes) or reduce the effects. And not to mention the lovely effects water has on our skin.