This article was published on: 03/7/23 1:45 PM

Making Your Make Up Last.

We all want our make up to look as good as it does when its first been applied, but realistically does it still look the same at the end of the day?

I have a few tips to help your make up last the day. The first one is to know your skin, make sure you are using the right products. For example if you have dry skin make sure you use a rich moisturiser. If you have oily skin do not use an oil based product.

Secondly to use a primer, a primer should be applied before your foundation. The primer acts as a good base for the rest of your make up. Do not forget to use an eye primer as well before you do your eyeshadow.

Once you have used your foundation then add your powder. A powder will give you a finished matte look  and will also dry the foundation to stop it looking oily.

Lastly finish with a setting spray to keep your make up in place.