This article was published on: 04/4/23 11:07 AM


When planning a wedding or anything really a moodboard is always a good tool that people use. A moodbaord is a way of combining images, material and pieces of texts to give your wedding a clear style.

For example you are planning a Christmas wedding, so on your mood board you might have Christmas trees, the colours red and green, fur wraps, Christmas dinner and Christmas Pudding, holly and mistletoe. This can show anyone the sort of concept you want for your wedding.

So why not do the same for your outfit? Ask the Bride and Groom if they have a mood board? Go off on the ideas they have when doing your own. As you can see from this Mother’s moodboard on our feature image. She has used colours that she wants, a style off dress, hairstyle and even thought about what accessories and next to the moodboard, a picture of what she ended up looking like. Plus a moodbaord is something special you can keep afterwards to remember the day.