This article was published on: 10/23/20 2:01 PM

Olvi Lace

This is the story of a little girl who once dreamed of princess dresses,
and ended up dressing princesses.

It all started in a small village where Olga, Olvi’s creator and driving force grew up. Life wasn’t a world of make-believe. Here she inherited a love of handmade lace, and the determination to not let circumstances ruin either her dreams or her wardrobe. Stepping into the world of fashion was Olga’s big dream.

This dream guided her to the West. In Amsterdam she created her first designs in a tiny atelier where her passion and her vision turned into a new reality. The Olvi’s brand was born. Each piece is made by hand. Using the finest stretch French lace. The most refined women across the globe have embraced the feminine Olvi’s fashion.