This article was published on: 01/31/23 10:50 AM

Packing Your Outfit For A Wedding Abroad

This week I have been researching Wedding Trends for 2023 and one trend that is meant to be big for 2023 is getting married abroad. So you find your gorgeous outfit, now how are you going to get it there safely? In todays blog we are going to give you some top tips on packing your outift.

  1. Iron or steam your outfit the night before, this allows the fibers in the fabric to cool and stay in the desired shape.
  2. Do not overpack your suitcase, clothes need room to breath
  3. If your dress is a chiffon or jersey fabric try rolling it instead of folding it when packing.
  4. When a fabric is more structured fold it using tissue paper.

I hope if you are going abroad for a wedding that some of these top tips will help.