This article was published on: 11/29/22 1:45 PM

Should I Co-ordinate With The Wedding Theme?

When finding your outfit something you will need to consider is looking back at the photos, what do you want to see? You don’t want to stand out, or clash with the other mum’s outfit for example.

When looking for your outfit I do think you have to be mindful of the wedding theme and colours. For example a winter wedding with the bride and bridesmaids in white maybe try looking at some of the jewel colours, ruby, emerald and sapphire. Or even silver or gold, a bright yellow for example would stand out and not really go with the winter wedding theme.

Or a summer wedding, if the bride is in ivory and the bridesmaids are in a pale pink then maybe go for another shade of pink? So you are all in different pinks? Or maybe go for a pale blue or green so you are all in pastel colours? I would advise staying away from red as that would clash with pink and look very harsh standing next to the bride and the bridesmaids.

However you should consider what colours suit you, your hair colour, skin tone etc as you still want to look like you and be happy with what you are wearing, there is no point choosing a colour that would make you looked washed out. As I have said before it is really good if you can be open with the bride and the other mother as to what everyone is hoping to wear so on the day everyone is happy, looking and feeling their best .