This article was published on: 11/22/22 1:47 PM

Should Mother Of The Bride Get Her Outfit First?

Traditionally, yes, the Mother of the Groom should wait until the Mother of the Bride has selected her outfit. However as I have said in many posts, what was done traditionally isn’t so much the case now. When Mother of the Brides and Mother of the Grooms come to see us they normally know what the other Mother is wearing, or at least a colour? Or they will come with the bride, or even facetime family members to see if what they are trying is nice.

The whole Should the Mother of the Bride choose her outfit first can also relate to some Mother of the Grooms feeling they are not as important as the Mother of the Bride but the bottom line is you are both important. Here is that word again but traditionally it was the Brides family who paid for the wedding so the Mother of the Bride had a lot of involvement. In todays society a lot of the time it is the Bride and Groom themselves paying for the wedding or both sides of the families have contributed evenly.

Marriage is about joining two families to make one big family, everyone should be loved and treated the same. Weddings have moved on just like everything else does, it is about doing what works for you and your family and each wedding is individual and special.