This article was published on: 11/7/23 11:30 AM

Sonia – Mother Of The Groom

This week it is Sonia’s turn. Sonia was Mother of the Groom in September 2019 and the wedding was in Ireland at a catholic church and then back to a hotel.

For Sonia working at Anne Furbank on the occasion wear floor she knew exactly what she wanted when it came to her son’s wedding.  Sonia went on to explain the only thing she needed to know was colours. Sonia was very mindful of the Mother Of The Bride and any colour schemes that her future daughter in law had chosen.

Sonia’s experience differs to Gill because after Sonia had her outfit and tried it on she didn’t show anyone it. Just incase any comments were made that might knock her confidence.  Whereas Gill wanted peoples opinions and advice. Just showing how different we can all be.

Sonia’s advice for any Mother Of The Brides or Groom’s. –

“Ask many questions that can help you choose your outfit”.

“Be confident in what you are wearing so you can forget about it and enjoy the day.”

Sonia also went on to say that if you book an appointment with us you are looking for help so trust us. It’s a journey, from trying what you are naturally drawn to, but then have the confidence to try some options we may pick out for you. You might be surprised! Remember we are here to help!

Sonia ended with  “We love what we do, making you feel your best is what we aim to do, however long it takes.”