This article was published on: 09/20/22 12:35 PM

The Blog is Back

Since 2020 our Mother of the Bride blog has been a little dormant but we are back. It has been a challenging few years for those of you who planned to get married in 2020/21. We’ve heard so many stories of weddings that have been postponed not only once but two or three times. We’ve had babies born in between, we’ve had weddings changed from 150 guests to 6 guests and the tales go on. Like our blog we are back on track and 2022 has seen many of you tying the knot. It also looks like the catch up is continuing into 2023 and beyond. Anyway we are delighted to be back and hopefully you will find our blogs inspiring and informative. We have over 40 year of experience in helping Mother’s and Guests find their perfect outfit so there is plenty of knowledge in the bank!