This article was published on: 06/20/23 12:35 PM


One thing I am sure all of us here at Anne Furbank think is how important the right underwear is. If your boobs are not in the right place the dress is not going to fit properly. And lets be honest we all have a pair of Bridget Jones’s big knickers in our draw that we bring out for special occasions.

We are very lucky here at Anne Furbank because we have Elouise, a wonderful lingerie shop just over the road from us. It is where we recommend a lot of our Mother’s Of The Bride or Groom to go.

Underwear in a way is like the foundations when building a house. The foundations have to be perfect or the house wont be. We want you to look and feel your best when it comes to the wedding day and the right underwear will definitely help with that.