This article was published on: 07/10/18 2:15 PM

Waistcoat Wednesday

One unlikely winner, even now in the World Cup, is the waistcoat and it is all thanks to the dapper looking England Manager Gareth Southgate who has single handed been instrumental in M&S selling out of men’s waistcoats. With Bloodwise launching Waistcoat Wednesday, as a way of double support for the charity as well as the England team, it is not only M&S that has had a run on this item of clothing.

Even if football isn’t your thing, isn’t it wonderful to see a smartly dressed man and all credit to Gareth Southgate, who I am sure will be slightly surprised to discover his new found style icon status.

We might even see a return of waistcoats for women but in the meantime I will be digging mine out from the back of the wardrobe to wear tomorrow!