This article was published on: 02/21/20 2:31 PM

Walking the Walk

Buying for Autumn 2020 has virtually come to an end. I have been asked on a number of occasions what is it that you look for in a collection. I suppose there are three main things – colour, quality and design. As a customer, when you see a collection, it is usually the colour and fabric that draw you in. It is the same when I am buying for the shop. I do still like to feel the fabrics and look at the finish on a garment, so colour may be the initial impact but that has to stand up to delivering on quality as well. The design really then answers the question of is that going to suit a female figure, where can it be worn and will it have life beyond one season.

With showrooms scattered all across London and beyond there is plenty of walking the streets to find the brands but all those steps are certainly worth it when it arrives in store.