This article was published on: 01/24/23 10:35 AM

We All Come In Different Shapes And Sizes.

This week on our social media we are discussing body shapes. We outlined 5, hourglass, pear, inverted triangle, apple and rectangle. Todays post I will go into a little bit of detail about each. Sometimes it is easier to see things written down so you can refer to them instead of a video.

An hourglass is meant to be the most wanted body shape. It is when your shoulders and chest are the same size as your hips but you go in at the waist. When looking for a dress look for something that emphasizes your tiny waist.

A pear shape is when your hips are bigger than your shoulders and chest, therefore you need to balance out your hips, to do this add detail to the top part of your outfit. Ruffles at the top of the dress is one way you could do this and then have a very simple bottom half.

The inverted triangle is the opposite to the pear. It is when your chest and shoulders are bigger than your hips. So again you need to do the opposite. So instead of ruffles at the top of your dress you would have them at the bottom.

Apple you have beautiful curves  and lovely legs but you just need to highlight your waist giving you more of that hourglass shape. Apple shapes tend to have good legs so show them off.

Lastly rectangle, similar to apple you need to create a waist but also some curves, therefore stay away from anything too straight, go for something nice a flowing.

These however are not strict rules you have to follow, like I said we are all different shapes and sizes and we should embrace that and here at Anne Furbank we want to help you do that and help you find the perfect outfit.