This article was published on: 11/8/22 2:29 PM

When Should I Start Shopping For My Outfit?

So doing research for your outfit and actually shopping to buy your outfit are two different things. As soon as you find out there is going to be a wedding come in and see us, have a look around, try some different designers, colours and styles on. It might be you’ve come in when we have our autumn stock on the shop floor but your wedding isn’t until the following summer but we can then advise you when we will start getting our Spring/Summer stock in. Once you have done some research you can go away and decide on what budget you have, a style you like, discuss colours, venues etc with the bride, once you know this and are happy you are then ready to buy and once you have found the right outfit you will know.

It was only when I started working at Anne Furbank I really realised how early new stock actually arrives. You have a summer wedding and would think I will start looking in the spring, by then we have had some of our spring/summer stock for 3 months and as I’m sure you are aware we only get one of each size in so once its gone its gone.

It’s always a good idea to look online, you can always contact us to ask if we have a certain style coming in and we can confirm if we do or don’t, or if we have anything similar. Also following us on social media is great because we have our fashion shows, on this we show new stock that we have had in, or we might do a post when we have had a delivery.

Finding your outfit should be a fun and enjoyable process and we are here to help you every step of the way.