Fascinating Fascinators

Hats or head pieces have been around for centuries starting as tribal markers, native Americans and Egyptians are very well documented to have worn decorative head pieces.

In British culture they became a status symbol of wealth and stature in Tudor times. And then fashion took hold with the 1920s flappers completing their outfit with pearls, feathers and cloche hats.

In the 1980s, London-based milliners Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy popularized fascinators and we can all remember the famous head pieces at William and Kate’s wedding.

Fascinators have remained popular and the term fascinator seems slightly understated for what can be attached to a band or comb. The advantage of a hat or fascinator is that they elongate your silhouette by adding the illusion of height. They can also preserve your hair, unlike a hat which can flatten your gorgeous blow dry.

With all this history it would be a shame not to top your outfit off with its crowning glory.

Happy New Year

Saturday 20th June 2020 is set to be the most popular date for couples getting married this year. The summer solstice means couples can celebrate on the longest day of the year, making the most of the party.

2020 is also set to be one that sees a number of new trends. A return to Victorian style wedding dresses, high necks, cathedral length veils and cleaner simpler lines.

Mini-moons and British honeymoons are back in trend with some sharing theirs with friends.

Informal flowers and fairy lights are more popular that structured bouquets. Even food trends are making their way to weddings with free-from menus and non-alcoholic weddings not being unsual.

Fashion for mothers and guests also reflects this general mood with softer dressing, floaty skirts and options for soft trousers instead of structured suits all being worn. Joseph Ribkoff is a perfect option for this with their co-ordinated seperates that are still glamorous but on a less formal basis.

New for Spring 2020

Our spring has already sprung with occasion wear collections arriving in store. Condici, Fely Campo and new brand Ronald Joyce already on the shop floor.

Ronald Joyce has been designing and making dresses for brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride since the 1950s. It is another prestigious British brand that has made it’s mark in occasionwear and we are delighted to have its spring 2020 collection in store.

The designs are beautifully feminine with longer lines being a key feature of the collection this season. Cut and shaped with women in mind and taking note of all the areas we like to hide or accentuate.

With some designs already in store, if you have a wedding next year then it is definitely worth a visit.

Last Minute Winter Wedding

Not everyone gets weeks to plan an outfit for a wedding. Sometimes our children like to spring a suprise on us. From engagement to wedding can be a matter of weeks. The beauty of occasion wear is that there is something available all year round – so don’t panic. During training this week we put together some great looks for events that are happening right now. Spanish label Fely Campo, Irish label Aideen Bodkin and Italian brand D’Exterior provided the inspiration for events that are happening right now.

Our advice is don’t panic, we will get you looking fabulous and feeling comfortable in your own style.

New Condici Has Arrived

Winter may be a quieter time of year for weddings but it is an exciting time of year for occasion wear as we see the start of the new season collections arrive. We’ve had a large selection of Condici arrive in store already with some great designs and colours.

It is already receiving a great reception for those that have weddings in the run up to Christmas as well as the early part of 2020.

If you do have a wedding in the first few months of 2020 now is the time to come into store before the Christmas festivities take over and you lose track of time.

If you want inspiration then do join us on Saturday 9th November for our Occasion Wear Fashion Show. Look out for more information on our website.

Gravity Defying Hats

With the fashion for fascinators and hatinators still to the fore we are often asked how do we keep them securely on our head. There are a number of options that are available but two are our favourites, with one tip that will guarantee no movement.

Many of our headpieces are secured with a headband, often a slim band that can easily be covered by any length or thickness of hair. They are also malleable so can be bent to avoid any pinching.

Combs are also a great way to secure a fascinator and this can be doubled up with a band or some just have the comb. And before you say your hair is too fine, the comb won’t stick, this is the top tip that will secure your fascinator however thick your hair is.

Wig clips or hair extension clips. Clip one or two into your hair and then push the comb through them. You really won’t believe how secure your headpiece feels.

You can then relax and enjoy the occasion.

How to Stay Cool at a Wedding

Drink plenty, and we are not talking just champagne! Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water. Keeping yourself hydrated will keep you cool.

If you have long hair, wear it up.

However tempting it may be to stand in the sun, stay in the shade. Once you get hot it is harder to cool down.

Make a fan part of your outfit. There are so many beautiful fans on the market you will get one to match your outfit.

Pack a little spritz in your handbag, they are super refreshing and a great way to keep cool.

Powdered make-up has more chance of staying put in the heat than liquid make-up.

And pack an umbrella – this is the UK afterall!!!

Enduring Style of Goat

Established in 2001 by Jane Lewis who wanted to create a brand for a working woman but wanted the clothes to multitask. This is one of the great successes of Goat dresses, they can be worn day or evening and offer a style which will make you fee your best without fuss or ostentation. The wool crepe fabric hangs beautifully over the body and it is no wonder it has this discreet celebrity following with the likes of Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and the Duchess of Cambridge seen wearing the brand.

New season collection has just arrived in store and they are perfect for an autumn wedding. Just add the accessories and you are ready to go.

Come Rain or Shine

Even if you are planning a summer wedding always have a contingency for wet weather. You may have the idea of drinks and photographs outside but do think about where they would be if you had to inside. Maybe have a basket of umbrellas on hand at the church or venue and willing ushers to escort guests in case of a downpour. Manage your expectations well before the big day, embrace it and remember photographers actually prefer an overcast day as it can eliminate shadows, and can result in some incredibly moody and romantic images.

Summer Florals

Irish label, Aideen Bodkin, with its heritage in all things feminine is basking in the glory of floral prints. The designs have always hinted towards a slight vintage look and with aline soft lines and pretty floral prints it really is a leading the way for feminine flair. Aideen works with small fabric mills to ensure that each piece she makes will be treasured for years to come. Whatever your special occasion whether it’s a wedding or race day the summer dress has arrived.